OEM Digital Print Engine Projects
for New Minilabs


Minilab producers who are looking for high quality, reliable, cost effective digital exposure solution for new model of minilab.

Implementing of our OEM Digital Print Engine to your minilab construction you will achieve:

  • Fast project: 3-6 months from concept to final product
  • Laser quality prints
  • Reliable solution: proven in over 900 installations world wide
  • Competitive price: very important to be successful on the market now

Implementation Project of Digital Print Engine is as simple as 1-2-3:
  1. Project Definition:
    The very first step after signing of NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) is to exchange technical specification so we can evaluate documents on both parties and prepare for the project before any cost involved. Then Lab Net Plus technician will visit your company to make specific technical evaluation of your printer body. After final project evaluation and definition we will prepare contract for signature.

  2. Implementation of changes:
    Both parties are implementing project's recommendations separately:

    - Lab Net Plus will prepare for changes in PCBs, firmware, software, and    cassette construction.

    - You will prepare printer body according to Lab Net Plus recommendations and    ship modified printer body to Lab Net Plus.

  3. Build and test prototype:
    Your technician will visit Lab Net Plus for 3-4 weeks to build and test prototype.
    After final test, minilab prototype will remain in Lab Net Plus and will help Lab Net Plus technicians to provide technical support and introduce changes.

The following minilabs available on the market
  • Doli - China: DL-1820, DL-2420, DL-3020, DL-3620
  • MGF - Brasil: Digital Plus
  • Muellersohn (control electronics)
  • (Sophia - China: SPI-990E, SPI-990E1, SPI-990F till April 2005)
  • Few others under construction

New Minilab Project with digital CONTACT PRINTING™ print engine - presentation

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