digital CONTACT PRINTING™ technology is based on a traditional Contact Printing concept. Using a large high-quality LCD panel, modern electronics and advanced software, this technology is extremely attractive solution for very demanding contemporary digital photo studios.

Traditional "Contact Printing"

digital CONTACT PRINTING™ concept

Laser technology is expensive to purchase, replace and maintain - unlike digital CONTACT PRINTING™. During PMA 2005, Orlando, Florida, The 10th Annual DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out, in its first year of entry digital CONTACT PRINTING™ technology was awarded 3rd place in the 12" wide category. In this prestigious and hotly contended category, the manufacturers bring out their flagship models. 

The prices of the laser technologies reflect their initial investment and ongoing costs.

DIMA 2005 results in 12" category

Minilab Points Exposure Technology
1. Fuji (Frontier 570) 6.81 Laser
245 000 USD
2. Kodak (RP 30 Laser) 6.56 Laser
145 000 USD
3. Sonman (SDP -1217) 6.44 digital CONTACT PRINTING™
73 000 USD
4. Noritsu (QSS 32 series) 5.88 Laser
186 900 USD
5. Agfa (d-lab.2) 5.75 Laser
225 000 USD
6. Doli (DL-2300) 5.75 LCD Sony
80 000 USD
7. Muellersohn (MDL.304) 5.00 LCD Sony
121 000 USD
8. SMI Group (MK10) 4.19 LCD Sony
130 000 USD

High quality prints
Produce the highest quality prints on any RA4 photographic paper. Simply the most cost-effective digital print engine – literally in a class of its own – digital CONTACT PRINTING™.

Simple concept
Designed with a minimal amount of moving parts, engineered to last.

No lens
In digital CONTACT PRINTING™ technology we eliminated all the elements (lens, mirror, diffuser) that detract from the pure light source or distort the original image.

Constant resolution
Unlike other (small panel) systems, digital CONTACT PRINTING™ has a constant resolution of over 350 dpi, from the smallest 4" x 6" one, to the largest 12" x 16.8" one.

Free maintenance
With our sealed print engine enclosure, complicated maintenance or alignments are not necessary. There is no expensive electronics or hardware to wear out. Only normal maintenance for the RA4 processor is required.

Stable operation
The combination of engineering, low energy components and sophisticated software has produced a printing system that will stand up to the heaviest workloads.

Simple adjustment
No special equipment or laser calibration required for one-time calibration procedure.

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