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Lab Net Plus is gathering talented engineers encompassing all photo engi- neering disciplines, headed by original concept designer and lead by world class team with contacts around the globe.

Provide minilab manufactures with effec- tive digital solution in a timely manner. Apply our original simple concept digital CONTACT PRINTING™ technology to digital Conversion Kits, that provide total and complete solution for analogue upgrade at an affordable cost. Offer alternative software interface for minilabs suffering from production bottlenecks.

Minilab Manufacturers and minilab Dealers within Photographic or Digital Imaging industry worldwide.

Digital Print Engine for new minilab constructions, CPDM Conversion Kits for selected analogue minilabs, Software suites to enhance your current digital equipment, Technical Consultation and proven technology implementation projects.

  1. Find the largest, highest quality LCD panel.
  2. Mount the panel in sealed container (Imaging Module) to obtain Constant Resolution through all print sizes.
  3. Use robust, long life LED light source matched to photographic paper.
  4. Throw in some ICC tools.
  5. Electronics to control entire equipment.
  6. Add in some extra ordinary user friendly interface.
  7. Connect to film scanner and the rest of the world.
  • You may select to go totally digital or continue to provide service for customers with film.
  • Do your morning balance routing for consistent high quality production.
  • No need for regular ‘system calibration’ or alignment.
  • Expand services and offerings to customers far beyond any analogue possibilities.
  • Increased connectivity.
New digital minilabs:
  • PhotoBook Printer 1233
  • Shanghai Doli - China: DL-1820, DL-2420, DL-3020, DL-3620
  • MGF - Brasil: Digital Plus(Sophia - China: SPI-990E, SPI-990E1, SPI-990F till April 2005)

CPDM Conversion Kits for refurbished minilabs:

  • Noritsu QSS 2301
  • Noritsu QSS 2600/2611
  • Noritsu QSS 1501
  • Fuji 232/238
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Lab Net Plus is a leading provider of OEM solutions for the digital photo industry worldwide.
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